Digitizing Rural Education

37% of schools across the globe still have no internet access

Digital Education in rural schools is an expensive proposition. 


Hard to reach locations

wifi tower.png

Connectivity is unreliable and expensive

IT server.png

Local Servers and complex network configurations are expensive to maintain

Out of the Box, Offline, Rural Digital Education

Education Apps


Classroom OS

Education Device

Offline content/apps exclusive to primary and secondary school subjects

Simple UI designed for first time PC users and virus resistant out of the box

Affordable devices that require very little upkeep and maintenance

Monitor + MiniPC.png

Localized Education Content


Endless Solutions partners with National and Local Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, Foundations and Schools directly to implement digital education solutions optimized for affordability and customized to different regions and curriculum.


Application Customization

Not only does Endless come with over a hundred apps that work offline, Endless Solutions can create custom apps, or port your existing apps to its platform.

OS Customization

We can customize and configure the Endless Operating System to the look, feel and functionality of your needs for a truly unique and effective solution for any school system.


Metrics & Analytics

Endless Solutions has developed analytics that can run offline along with easy collection methods to understand when and how devices are being used even in the most rural areas.

PC Back to Functionality

Old Computers can cost money to dispose of, when in reality they may just be too slow to run other software. Endless Solutions develops the lightweight OS perfect to bring old PCs back to life.

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Support & Training

Endless Solutions can provide training for teachers, technicians and field support. Support is also provided to ensure  hardware compatibility and upgrade stability.